Hand Crafted Solid Wood Oak End Grain Worktop with earthy Grain Effect
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End Grain Worktops
Butchers Blocks

We create end grain worktops in the style of butchers blocks to add and compliment your kitchen and dining space.


Butchers Block Worktops Handcrafted to Order

At Earthy® Timber we hand-craft our end grain wooden counter tops, also known as butchers blocks from the finest rustic oak and wild walnut to any requested size. The largest produces piece to date was 4m long and 1.5m wide, but we are not limited to any measurements.

Here at Earthy® Timber we offer a unique service that sees our projects through from fallen tree to finished product.

End Grain Counter Top from Timber Experts to Your Kitchen

As we are experts in timber grading and timber drying, we create our earthy® end grain butchers block worktops using our interestingly featured timber which is hand picked in house and dried in our vacuum kiln. Our end grain worktops / butchers’ blocks are made to order to any size and thickness and are treated using our high-quality finishing products.

Specialist wood resin infill

Not only are we experts in our field, we have been working in creating and designing our bespoke solid wood end grain worktops and butchers blocks throughout our entire lives. We like to emphasize rustic natural features of the timber such as the knots, cracks and striations using our signature resin infill technique.

These are the most beautiful wooden worktops you will find on the market! Their character and quality are unique to Earthy Timber. We wanted something with raw character, something unique and that captured the beauty of wood rather than try to make it uniform and ‘perfect’. Our kitchen supply / fitting company (Noble Kitchens) were really impressed too and loved working with something a bit different. Earthy Timber were super helpful throughout the process and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Earthy Timber!
-Jess Garner.


Earthy Mixed Grain Styled Oak Wooden End Grain Worktop or Butchers Block


We offer a series of finishing choices that are designed to protect and maintain your beautiful, unique and bespoke solid wood butchers block. We use high-quality finishing products that we carefully and expertly apply after a fine sanding process. We offer either a clear transparent lacquer, or a colour enhancing oil treatment. Both of our finishing treatments come with different benefits and so it is important to think about where you will be using your butchers block.

Wooden Butchers Block finished in oil 

Our oil finish comes with a colour enhancing effect that lacquer does not provide. Our oil finish enhances the natural earthy tones and exaggerates the yellows and oranges to create deep rich browns and golds. Our oil finishing also protects and preserves your earthy bespoke solid wood end grain worktops in a different way to lacquer. Rather than act as a thick shield against damage and corrosion, the oil penetrates the layers of the timber to create several protective layers which is repeatedly applied in between a fine sanding. This application and sanding process should be repeated over time to maintain optimum protection.

Not only is our high-quality oil finishing incredibly durable and easy to maintain, it is also alcohol, food acid, heat and water resistant and maintains a perfect moisture balance throughout. Despite this, we always recommend taking care when placing hot plates, mugs, glasses and bowls upon your bespoke end grain worktop. More information regarding the maintenance of your earthy unique wooden butcher’s block can be found in our maintenance guide.

End Grain Butchers Block finished in lacquer

We use a low VOC, water based, high quality lacquer finish that unlike oil, maintains the original earthy organic tones and colourings of the timber as a transparent layer on top. Rather than penetrate the layers of the timber to create layers of protection, our lacquer acts more of a protective shield against damage and corrosion. Our lacquer is incredibly hard wearing and durable and resists against moisture, heat, staining and scratching.

Our lacquer finish is non yellowing and features UV protection to avoid discolouration, and so is perfect for those seeking to maintain the original earthy tones and colourings. Over time the lacquer may wear down especially under excessive use, however this can easily be amended by a thorough sanding and reapplication of lacquer. This method could also be used if damage was to occur. More information regarding the maintenance of your bespoke end grain worktop can be found at our maintenance guide.

Hand Crafted Mixed Grain Solid Wood Oak Butchers Block


Our bespoke and interesting end grain butchers’ block worktops are available by using our contact form which can be found by clicking ‘Contact Us’ below. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our bespoke earthy end grain worktops/butcher blocks, please feel free to contact us. If you wish to visit us in house, we would be more than happy to accommodate you. Please let us know your preferred date and time and we will try to arrange an appointment closest to your preference.