Solid Oak Slab Desk top with resin infill
Natural and organic styled oak desktop
Beautiful bespoke oak desktop with river effect infilled with resin.
Hand crafted live edge or waney edge oak desk with resin infill
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Desks & Desktops

Our beautiful bespoke solid wood desks and desktops are a perfect addition to your home, guaranteed to a radiant warmth.

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Desks & Desktops

Our beautiful bespoke solid wood desks and desktops are a perfect addition to your home, guaranteed to a radiant warmth.

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Desks & Desktops

Our beautiful bespoke solid wood desks and desktops are a perfect addition to your home, guaranteed to a radiant warmth.

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Live Edge Wood Desks from Earthy® Timber

Together with our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury, we create beautiful bespoke and solid wood desks ideal for home and office spaces alike. We believe our bespoke live edge wood desks in oak, walnut, ash, sycamore add a radiant earthy element guaranteed to deliver an organic and quirky feel to your business or home office.

Live Edge Wood Slabs from Timber Specialist

Here at Earthy® Timber Professional, we are timber specialists and wood drying experts. We believe in quality over quantity and take time to produce high quality timber for your desk commission.

Each one of bespoke wood desks is carefully selected from the highest quality, beautifully featured live edge wood planks of English oak or European wild walnut, vacuum kiln dried in house. We treat our waney edge wood slabs with our signature resin technique to emphasize the earthy grains, textures and natural features such as the knots, cracks, striations and earthy tones.

Modern – Rustic Wood Desks

Our bespoke handcrafted oak desks are distinctive and unique with a variety of different edging choices and finishings, that are suitable for modern, contemporary and more rustic cottage style homes. We are proud of timeless design and high quality of our solid wood desks, they also have all green credentials.  Our bespoke solid wood desks and live edge desk tops are available from our Online Custom Store.

Absolutely over the moon with the new desk, Earthy Timber really made my vision come to life and the live ege oak desk top together with the wood resin inserts set the whole thing off.

Couldn’t be happier with everything.

Luke Haidemenos

Live edge grainy natural oak desk with signature resin infill


What Finish for Wooden Desk?

We finish our bespoke solid wood desks using either transparent lacquer or a colour enhancing water-based oil. Our finishing choices are carefully applied to maintain and preserve your bespoke solid wood desk tops but not before finely sanding it down. Both our types of finishing come with different benefits that are suitable for different types of environment, so it is important to think about where you will be using your beautiful bespoke solid wood desk.

Solid Wood Desk in Oil Finish

Using our oil finish allows a colour enhancing effect that lacquer doesn’t – the oil will allow the amplification of the earthy tones to create a deep radiant warmth of your live edge oak desk. The oil deeply penetrates the solid wood top and creates several protective layers throughout whilst maintaining a perfect moisture balance.

We use a high-quality oil that allows our beautiful wooden desks to be water, alcohol, food acid and heat resistant. Despite this we always do recommend in taking care when using hot mugs, plates and bowls on your desk. Though if any damage may occur, our oil finished bespoke desks are very easily repaired by sanding and the reapplying oil. This process should be very occasionally need to be done to maintain protection. Please see our maintenance guide for further information.

Solid Wood Desk in Lacquer Finish

We use a transparent low-voc water-based lacquer that is durable, tough and most ideal for those wishing to maintain the original earthy tones, textures of the oak or walnut slab desk top. Our lacquer finish offers high resistance to staining, scratches and water damage especially within environments where moisture is present. It also benefits your bespoke solid wood desk by creating a UV barrier and contains a non-yellowing formula.

Whilst our lacquer creates a shield like wood desk top protection, unlike oil, lacquer does not penetrate the layers of the timber desk top itself as so does not provide as deeper protection. Because of this lacquer may need to be reapplied in the future. If damage was to occur, our bespoke live edge desks are very easily mended by being finely sanded and re applying lacquer. This can be done over raw, newly stained and old timber. More information about our lacquer finish can be found at our maintenance guide.

Bespoke solid wood desks in english rustic oak and wild european walnut


We offer a series of edging choices designed specifically to add character and complimenting touches to your solid wood desk and its environment, whether that be modern contemporary or a rural cottage style.

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


Also known as a waney edge, wood natural edge or organic edge, this option is available to match the desires of those seeking a rustic yet modern feel to their bespoke solid wood desk. Whether you have a have a rural countrified home or a modern contemporary home, our live edges are guaranteed to add character and a radiant warmth and are available with our English oak or European wild walnut desk top

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


Our straight edged or square edged options are perfect for those seeking that classic modern touch to their walnut oak desk. Our straight edged desks can be combined with our signature resin technique that is in keeping with todays modern trends but allows a rustic earthy touch. Our signature resin technique focuses highly upon the natural features such as the cracks, knots and striations and will bring in elements of the natural world to your home office



For those seeking something in between a quirky characteristic touch and a classic modern style of the wooden desk, a mixed square and live edge desk top is perfect and will allow both live edge and straight edge effects. We may use the natural edges of the timber and square part of the edges with our signature resin technique.

Grainy detail of river style oak desk


Specialist Wood Drying

Our bespoke and unique hand crafted solid wood desks are available in wild walnut, rustic oak or other waney edge hard wood slabs.

Our developed in house sophisticated technique of timber preservation and drying allows us to use the most challenging, unhealthy trees. And the nature just keeps giving us back, with the most beautiful grain, features, earthy tones, fissures that we preserve with resins.

We are award winning timber specialists, and we dry our live edge wood slabs in-house ensuring ideal moisture content. This keeps your bespoke and unique solid wood desk lasting for generations to come.

Resin filled earthy bespoke desk top in rustic english oak


We offer a series of choices in desk legs, available in aged steel, raw steel, brushed steel or matching wood. We also offer our desk base choices in an array of different sizes and tailored to bespoke desk projects.

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Legs ai file-02
Legs ai file-03
U Shaped
Legs ai file-05
II Shaped
Legs ai file-04
Reverse T
Solid Oak Slab Desk top with resin infill


How to commission bespoke wooden desk?

Our live edge oak and walnut desks and wooden desk tops suitable for sit stand desks or floating desks are available from our Custom Desk Online Store which can be found by clicking ‘Shop Now’ below.

For customers looking for a unique work of art furniture that will define their office, you may also consider commissioning an artistic wooden desk  by designer A S Stawicki from our Earthy Timber Luxury Furniture Range