Interesting earthy oak table with river effect
Beautiful Live Edge or Natural Edge River effect resin infilled table
Beautiful resin infilled acrylic leg beautiful bespoke dining table
Unique Interesting Rounded Edge beautifully finished oak table with resin infill
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Bespoke Unique
& Interesting Tables

Our earthy beautiful bespoke, dining tables, coffee tables, high tables and side tables.

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Bespoke Unique
& Interesting Tables

Our earthy beautiful bespoke, dining tables, coffee tables, high tables and side tables.

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Bespoke Unique
& Interesting Tables

Our earthy beautiful bespoke, dining tables, coffee tables, high tables and side tables.

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Bespoke Unique
& Interesting Tables

Our earthy beautiful bespoke, dining tables, coffee tables, high tables and side tables.

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Unique Live Edge Wooden Tables

Surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs in Sussex UK, we create unique modern – earthy® solid wood tables. Our live edge tables are handcrafted to order in our timber yard and design studios equipped in the vacuum kiln chamber. We are very unique among furniture makers and wood yards  as unlike other companies, we are fully in control of the whole process from selecting and drying the timber to final design of each bespoke wooden table,  ensuring the highest quality and optimum moisture content of each unique wood dining table, a conference table, or casual dining, high breakfast bar table.

Uniquely featured, dry solid wood slabs from Earthy® Timber

We are award winning, zero waste luxury furniture brand and timber grading and timber drying specialists. We ensure  that our live edge wood slabs for dining tables and wood resin tables are the best of quality and will last a few generations.

We personally source unique, interesting wood slabs and wide planks of rustic oak and wild walnut for our projects and kiln dry them in house, ensuring optimum quality and stability of each bespoke piece of furniture.

Live Edge Wood Table from Earthy® Timber

Together with our sister companies Earthy® Timber Custom and  Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture, we aim to create the perfect live edge wood  table, wood resin table for your dining room or business, adding a modern twist to otherwise very natural, earthy® creation. We use our exclusive signature resin technique to fully emphasize the natural organic features of the timber such as the earthy® tones, grainy wood  textures, cracks, knots and striations. In doing this we are bringing the outside inside.

Our beautiful edging choices: live edge table, partially waney edge table (mixed edge table) and contemporary straight edge tables and emphasis upon organic qualities create the perfect atmosphere to invite friends and family or for perfect business meeting.

Delighted with my 8-seater unique dining table and matching coffee table. EARTHY TIMBER know their craft and are able to convey your vision, ensuring 100% satisfaction. I don’t normally post reviews but for this passionate and highly professional couple, I made an exception. 

– Lee & Jen Taylor

High table-04


High Live Edge Wood Tables

We create bespoke live edge wood high tables, ideal for casual dining in your kitchen or as a meeting table for any commercial space.

Our beautiful, full of earthy® characteristics wooden high tables are an excellent addition to your home or office space, adding  a quirky design element.

Earthy® Timber ‘s  high live edge wooden tables are beautiful and very robust, ideal  for gatherings with family and business meetings in working spaces. Using the distinctive earthy® wood grains and textures of our timber, we create the perfect mixture of natural yet modern feel.

Coffee table-01


Wood Resin Coffee Tables

Earthy® Timber ‘s  bespoke English oak or European wild walnut coffee tables crafted to your desired size. We create elegant, smooth live edges  coffee tables to suit all types of environments from contemporary, to a more tradition rustic style homes and businesses. We use our resin infill technique to emphasize the natural earthy® features of the timber and carefully select our rustic planks for their distinctive qualities to shine in your desired environment. Our wooden coffee tables can be bought and quoted through our online shop by clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button below.

Dining table-02


Live Edge Wooden Dining Tables

We create beautiful live edge wood dining tables suitable for kitchens and dining rooms alike. We can create your bespoke timber dining table from a single wood plank dependant on your desired budget and sizing. For each live edge wood resin table we personally select interesting timber slabs, hand-picked for its rare and unique characteristics and markings. These distinctive qualities are, what make our bespoke luxury wooden dining tables at Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture special, and us a lead the market in natural wood, sustainable furniture design. Our less expensive bespoke solid wood tables can be quoted and purchased from our online shop – Earthy® Timber Custom


Live Edge Oak and Walnut Tables from EARTHY® TIMBER 

EARTHY® TIMBER ‘s bespoke, wild walnut dining tables with their natural dark wood hues, earthy® grains and resin infused knots and voids are a true show stopper.

Our custom live edge walnut and oak dining tables are produced from wide solid wood planks that are vacuum kiln dried in-house to ensure the highest quality and longevity of our pieces.  Our waney edge walnut countertops and tables will serve your family a few lifetimes.

You may choose to have your solid wooden top finished in oil or lacquer. At an additional cost we can give your walnut kitchen island countertop, our signature, maintenance free, Earthy® Timber waterproof finish.

Please bear in mind, our custom solid oak and walnut tables due to their uniqueness, quality of make and green credentials are at the higher entry price point.

Wood Table Finishing 

We offer a selection of functional quality wood finishing choices to protect and preserve your bespoke contemporary solid wood table. We provide three types of finishing with different benefits to suit your table and its environment. We sand our earthy® wood tables to a fine grit in between applying our finishing treatments which helps to give our live edge wood tables a smooth, flawless look and a shield like protection. Our finishing options are a clear lacquer treatment;  enhancing water-based oil treatment or waterproof natural wood finish that is maintenance free.

Live Edge Wood Table in Oil Finish

Using our oil treatment enables you to truly enhance the earthy® tones, wood grains and textures, whilst keeping a perfect balance of moisture throughout of your beautiful solid wood table.

Our high-quality oil finish enables our bespoke wooden tables to be water, heat, alcohol and food acid resistant. Whilst we believe that our oil finish works great to protect the layers of your wood table, we always recommend that you take care when placing hot plates, bowls, mugs and glasses on your beautiful and interesting table. However, our oil finished timber tables are easy to repair by being sanded and reapplying another layer of oil. This process should also be repeated occasionally to maintain optimum protection. For more information on the maintenance of your oil finished table please see our maintenance guide.

Live Edge Wood Table in Lacquer Finish

Our low-VOC water-based lacquer finish is an exceptional choice that offers high resistance against scratches, stains and live edge wooden tables exposed to moisture. Our transparent lacquer finish is exceptionally durable and tough and is ideal for keeping the original earthy® tones and textures of your beautiful organic solid wood live edge table. It also comes with beneficial features such as UV protection and a non-yellowing protective barrier.

Unlike oil, lacquer does not deeply latch itself within the layers of the wood and so does not provide as effective deeper protection and may need reapplying after a few years. However, lacquer finish is very easy to reapply over raw, newly stained and old timber providing it is sanded down finely. For more information about our lacquer finished solid wood tables, please read our maintenance guide.

Beautiful earthy straight edge dining table with matching bench


We offer a selection of solid timber table edging choices to complement your proposed environment. Wooden table edging choices are as displayed below:

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


Our live edge also known as a waney edge, natural edge or organic edge for your bespoke solid wood table is an ideal choice for those seeking an organic,tactile finish. Our live edge wood tables suit all types of timber species whether it be our earthy® English oak or European wild walnut, and any style of home whether it be a modern build or a countrified,  cottage style home.

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


Our square edge or straight edge style wooden dining tables are suitable for all types of homes, and add modern feel to your beautiful bespoke wooden dining  table.  We like to combine out straight edges with our signature resin technique. Using this technique we can focus heavily upon the natural features of the timber such as wood grain and tree bark and infill these if your investment figure allows.



Whether you love the beautiful earthy® – ness of the live edge style but still want a contemporary feel to your beautiful earthy® wood table, a mixed edge style might be for you. Our mixed edge style provides the perfect combination of a countrified feel with a modern stylish element.

Bespoke straight edge large dining table in rustic oak


We offer a choice of table legs in various styles in either raw steel, matching wood, brushed steel or aged steel. Our table legs are available in any shape or size and are designed to support the type of construction, features and size of your bespoke wooden dining table top.

Legs ai file-01
Legs ai file-02
Legs ai file-03
U Shaped
Legs ai file-04
Reverse T
Legs ai file-05
II Shaped
Beautiful bespoke river effect wild walnut table with earthy grain effect


You can place an order via our online shop  Earthy® Timber Custom, or if you have any further questions about our bespoke solid wood tables, please use our Contact Form

Luxury wooden tables, modern fusion of timber, resin and steel designed by A S Stawicki Art are avaialble to order from our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture,