Natural contemporary modern style oak worktop with resin infill
Interesting earthy solid wood worktop
Full stave solid Wood mixed edge earthy style worktop
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Full Stave
Solid Wood Worktops

Our natural, earthy oak and walnut worktops add a strong sense of artistic style, grace and elegance.

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Full Stave
Solid Wood Worktops

Our natural, earthy oak and walnut worktops add a strong sense of artistic style, grace and elegance.

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Full Stave
Solid Wood Worktops

Our natural, earthy oak and walnut worktops add a strong sense of artistic style, grace and elegance.

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Bespoke Live Edge Natural Wood Worktops in Oak and Walnut

EARTHY ® TIMBER is a manufacturer of walnut and rustic oak natural wood worktops.  All our live edge wooden worktops are not just cut to size, they are individually hand-crafted to required size, personal requirements.

Full Stave Solid Wood Worktop ‘s Features

Earthy® Timber ‘s square or live edge wooden worktops emphasize the natural wood ‘s  features including the earthy® knots, wood grain, patterns and striations and we enhance these within a clear resin to create unique, artistic, bespoke, solid wood countertops for your kitchen island, breakfast bar or bathroom worktop.

Beautiful and Durable Wooden Worktops

Not only are our live edge oak and walnut solid wood worktops beautiful, they are highly durable, hard wearing and hygienic to use.

With our expertly elaborated and kiln dried interesting timber our designer solid oak counter tops and wanut counter tops invite nature indoors. We can bring your kitchen, bathroom or any other desired room a strong sense of nature’s grace, warmth and artistic character.

The Beautiful Savaged Trees Used for Crafting Solid Wood Worktop

Our expertise in timber grading, elaborating wood’s technical properties and timber drying enables us to produce finest quality live edge wooden worktops from unsound, salvaged trees.

Our live edge wooden worktops will serve your family for generations to come and most importantly no healthy tree is used in the process of crafting your utterly unique solid timber worktop

Live Edge Wood Drying Performed and Controlled In-House

Every square or waney edge timber worktop project is sourced, planked, vacuum kiln dried and crafted from our timber yard and workshop in Sussex, UK. We are just a stone’s throw away from the Sussex Downs, We only use the most interesting timber from English and European woodlands, private estates and National Trust which are hand picked for the unique wood grains, earthy® colours and features.


Love love love my living edge oak worktops -they really do add personality and warmth that you can only get from lovely natural wood. Earthy Timber have a great quality product and really know their stuff – and I have found them extremely helpful and accommodating.

– Tracey Kirker

Beautiful Solid Wood earthy textured worktop infilled with resin


We offer a range of wooden counter top ‘s edging choices to create quirky character to complement the surroundings of the desired environment.

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


Our beautiful live edge solid wood worktops also known as a waney edge or natural edge timber worktops are perfect for those seeking to add rustic quirky feature to their home. Our live edge timber worktops highlight the natural qualities of the tree ‘s contour. Our live edge wooden worktops take form from the natural shape of the tree with the bark removed, unless you require our specialised bark preservation. 

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


Our traditional solid wood worktops with straight edges or square edges are perfect for contemporary kitchens and invite the natural world to your kitchen in more structured form.



Whether you live in a cottage or a modern, contemporary setting, a solid wood full stave worktop in oak or walnut with mixed edge style is perfect for those seeking to add a characteristic, natural quirk to their kitchen or bathroom. Our mixed edged timber worktops allow the look and feel of our natural tree edges with a combination of our contemporaty straight edge style. 

Beautiful solid wood earthy kitchen worktops with upstand


Hardwoods for Bespoke Wooden Worktops

We offer a wide choice of hardwood for full stave solid wooden worktops. Most popular choices are either earthy® oak or a wild walnut but we also keep in stock:  ash, hornbeam, wild apple, pear and many other varieties.

We professionally kiln dry our timber in-house using our vacuum chamber. Our timber is sourced as locally as possible from National Trust, English and European woodlands and private estates.

Both our solid wooden earthy® oak worktops and wild walnut worktops guarantee an optimum moisture content to suit a challenging kitchen or bathroom environment. Our professionally dried timber guarantess high quality aesthetic beauty and function of full stave solid wood worktops for decades to come.

What is the best timber for wooden worktop?

Wooden worktops crafted from home-grown hardwood such as oak, walnut or ash are ideal. They are very different from the much softer, lighter and uniform American wood species.

Whilst English and European timber is notable for its earthy® colour variation and beautiful wood grain, it is also denser and harder and grows much more slowly due to a much cooler and harsh weather climate.

Because of this solid wood worktops from European and English trees better withstands dents and marking.

You may wish to read more about our English walnut and its suitability for worktops and tables in our dedicated to walnut properties article.

Beautiful solid Wood worktops natural grain effect close up


Live Edge Wooden Worktops Treatment

Ultimately we finish our square and live edge wooden worktops by sanding them to a fine grit and providing a treatment as well as sanding in between layers of protective treatment in preparation for your immediate use. We provide two types of treatment, these being:

Live Edge Wood Worktops in Lacquer Finish

Lacquer is an ideal finish for a live edge wood worktop that is frequently exposed to moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms. Using a lacquer finish on a live edge solid oak or walnut worktop is most cost effective as it is durable, water resistant, protective, low maintenance and will last years without reapplication (Unless heavily used).

Unlike oil, which intensifies the colour palette, lacquer maintains the original earthy® colours of the timber worktop with a transparent preservative layer. We use a water based, low VOC solution that offers high resistance to scratches and stains. Lacquer also allows a non-yellowing, UV protection feature. Overall this finish is ideal for those wishing to preserve the original natural earthy® tones of our English oak and walnut hardwood worktops.

Live Edge Wood Worktops in Oil Finish

Finishing oil is the most organic form of treatment for solid wood worktops. Live edge wooden worktop in oil finish has one specific characteristic that lacquer doesn’t.  Oil finish enhances the wood grain and amplifies the rich, organic, natural colours of your beautiful waney edge wood kitchen island  or walnut breakfast bar whilst keeping it fully nourished.

Unlike lacquer, it also deeply penetrates the deeper fibres of your bespoke solid wood worktop to create multiple layers of protection. Oil finished  wooden counter tops are easy to repair with another layer of oil, however, this finish will require systematic re-oiling as per our maintenance guide.

We use the highest quality oils that are water, heat, alcohol and food acid resistant for our wooden worktops, however, we recommend to still take care when placing cups, glasses and hot plates on our earthy®  live edge solid wood worktops.

Beautiful Solid Wood natural earthy oak worktop


We use a high quality clear resin to fill any rustic knots and gaps, enhance the open wood grain and ensure our oak and walnut solid wood live edge worktops are hygienic for use. The resin infill is a specialist technique from our sister company Earthy® Timber that lets us show off the beauty and natural imperfections such as the open wood knots, scatterings of pip, and voids of each timber worktop and create a unique and much-loved ‘frozen nature’ feature to your home.

Our solid wood oak and walnut worktops are true show stoppers and by far our best sellers due to the unique beauty of the featured natural swirls, in-grown bark, knots and cracks naturally found within the wood.


Our beautiful, bespoke solid wood worktops can be complemented with a variety of our other distinctive wooden counter tops and furniture to assist you in creating the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

Interesting Beautiful Solid Wood Worktop with waney edge


Bespoke Live Edge Wooden Wortktop ‘s Price

For prices of our bespoke solid wood worktops, butchers blocks / end grain worktops, kitchen island counter tops, feature shelves, window sills, desks, dining tables, table tops or any other complimentary features please visit our Online Shop by clicking ‘Shop Now’ below.