Natural Oak resin infused rounded edge kitchen island
Hand crafted square edge resin infused kitchen island
Hand Crafted square edge natural organic kitchen islands
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Bespoke Solid Wood
Kitchen Islands

Our earthy kitchen islands are a perfect addition to your home - adding character, a radiant warmth with a modern feel.

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Bespoke Solid Wood
Kitchen Islands

Our earthy kitchen islands are a perfect addition to your home - adding character, a radiant warmth with a modern feel.

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Bespoke Solid Wood
Kitchen Islands

Our earthy kitchen islands are a perfect addition to your home - adding character, a radiant warmth with a modern feel.

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Kiln Dried, Interesting Wood for Kitchen Island Worktops

At Earthy® Timber Professional we specialise in producing high quality kiln dried timber for live edge, natural wood kitchen island  worktops with resin infusions. The timber is cut to size to meet your size requirements.


Crafted to Order Finished Kitchen Island Worktops in Oak, Walnut 

Together with our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture and Earthy® Timber Custom Range we also hand-craft to order beautiful live edge kitchen island tops with resin inserts ideal for busy kitchens.

Why our timber is so unique? Using developed in-house advanced wood upgrading and drying technology, Earthy® Timber transforms infected, unhealthy timber into sound,beautifully featured wood slabs and further into stunning pieces of luxury furniture.


Kitchen Island from Super Wide Wood Slabs and Planks

Our earthy wood kitchen island worktops and kitchen peninsula countertops are hand-crafted from very wide wood planks and wood slabs entirely in house.


Earthy® Tones Timber Elegantly Enhanced with Resin

Our live edge solid wooden kitchen island counter tops  are are full of character and earthy® charm. They are hand-made from vacuum kiln dried live edge wood slabs or wide wood planks, depending on your budget and preferences. Our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury  offers high end artistic wood countertops designed by AS  STAWICKI with our signature clear resin infill.

Our live edge oak kitchen island worktops, waney edge walnut kitchen island worktops are individually handcrafted to order. The earthy complexion and radiant warmth of the organic patterns and striations in live edge solid wood worktops bring an authentic, natural touch to the surrounding environment. We believe we create a style that blends contemporary simplicity with heritage elegance.


Wood Colour Compatibility for  Matching Tables and Worktops

Because we originate our timber for our earthy® kitchen islands from the same tree, it allows colour and feature compatibility. We believe our characteristic wood and resin technique adds a rustic warmth with a modern hint.

Our center piece live edge kitchen island oak top is so beautiful, thank you. It’s more stunning than I had expected.


– Matt & Paula, Dorking, UK


oak kitchen island


Live Edge Wood Kitchen Island Worktops

For our live edge wood kitchen island worktops, we provide a finishing service which includes sanding to a fine grit and applying a finishing treatment in house. It also gives our kitchen islands a flawless smooth elegant finish that is applied multiple times between treatment to add aesthetical appeal and extra durability. At  EARTHY ® TIMBER we offer two finishing options – a clear lacquer or oil. Alternatively, you may arrange your own finishing service at your own cost.

Live Edge Oak Kitchen Island in Oil Finish

Using an oil finish on your oak or walnut kitchen island  has one specific benefit that a lacquer finish doesn’t have. It enhances the grain and amplifies the rich, organic, natural colours of your beautiful waney edge kitchen island whilst keeping it fully nourished. Unlike lacquer, it also deeply penetrates the layers your kitchen island to create multiple protective layers with a thick shield like film over the top. This is very beneficial once the top layer of oil begins to fade.

Not only is oil easy to repair but it is very cost efficient and will only need occasionally re-oiling as per our maintenance guide. We use the highest quality oils that are water, heat, alcohol and food acid resistant for our surfaces, however, we recommend to still take care when placing cups, glasses and hot plates on our earthy kitchen Islands.

Live Edge Walnut Kitchen Island Worktop in Lacquer Finish

Using lacquer finish on your walnut or oak kitchen island worktop is perfect for those wishing to keep the original earthy® tones and textures. It is a completely clear, matt finish that is durable and provides a higher viscosity of protective coating making it perfect for surfaces frequently exposed to moisture. However, unlike oil, lacquer does not penetrate the layers of our earthy timber as effectively and so does not provide further protection. Using lacquer may require a re-coating in a few years. Despite this, we use a water based, low VOC solution that offers a high resistance to scratches and stains and features a non-yellowing and UV protection feature. Not only this but lacquer can be re-applied very easily over raw, newly stained wood and even old layers granted it is thoroughly sanded.

For more information about our live edge oak and walnut kitchen islands – delivery, storage, maintenance & installation please click here

Live Waney edge kitchen Island


We offer a series of edging choices to create quirky character to match the surroundings of the desired environment.

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


Our live edge kitchen islands adds a perfect feel of rustic warmth to your home that fully emphasizes the organic and natural features of the tree. Our live edging can be applied to our rustic oak or our wild walnut.

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


A traditional straight edge kitchen island will add a modern contemporary feel that will match any style of kitchen. We like to combine our straight edges with our signature resin infill. We aim to create the perfect edging finish for your home that fully emphasizes the natural features of the timber.



For those seeking an extra characteristic touch to their home. Our earthy natural style mixed edging style is perfect for your home. We believe that our mixed edging kitchen islands adds a rustic feel whilst also creating a modern contemporary feel suitable for any style of kitchen. 

Resin filled oak kitchen island with overhang



For our solid wood kitchen islands, breakfast bars and earthy® worktops, a support may be required for an overhang. We have a practical elegant, floating effect solution. We provide and calibrate to size supporting plates, embedded within timber which are all individually crafted to order for an additional cost. Embedded in timber, concealed plates start from £200+vat per plate.


We also produce circular wooden earthy edge kitchen islands of any shape, diameter, precise measurements of template. (template’s thickness minimum 5mm) 

Organic Natural earthy square edge kitchen Island


Luxury Wooden Kitchen Island Worktops

For more exclusive orders with a higher budget, please refer to our sister company Earthy Timber Luxury Please let us know your investment figure so that we can select unique planks and finishing techniques to reflect this investment.

Kitchen Island Ovarhang Support

Decide if you wish to order supporting plates for your earthy kitchen island overhang, or would you rather have your installer take care of it

Visits to Earthy® Timber

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Placing an Order for Custom Kitchen Island Worktop

To place an order with us please refer to our Custom Kitchen Island Online Shop or contact us page by clicking below.