Unique Bespoke Solid Wood River effect table
Unique Solid Wood Oak Table hancrafted in sussex UK
Beautiful solid wood oak river effect table
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Interesting Solid
Wood Table Tops

Our rustic style contemporary solid wood table tops are full of elegance and charm.

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Interesting Solid
Wood Table Tops

Our rustic style contemporary solid wood table tops are full of elegance and charm.

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Interesting Solid
Wood Table Tops

Our rustic style contemporary solid wood table tops are full of elegance and charm.

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Earthy® Live Edge Wooden Table Tops

Our earthy® tones bespoke solid wood table tops are hand crafted to order and built specifically to your desired measurements and design preferences. We offer a unique high-quality service that follows through from initial inquiries throughout design, and through to a finished product.

Earthy® Timber Professional Kiln Dried Wood for Table Tops

At Earthy® Timber Professional we specialise in manufacturing high quality kiln dried timber for waney edge, natural wooden table tops with resin infusions. Together with our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture and Earthy® Timber Custom Range we also hand-craft to order beautiful live edge table tops with resin inserts ideal for commercial and home use.

Earthy® Timber is a Zero Waste Luxury Furniture Brand

Earthy® Timber is a luxury furniture brand with zero waste credentials because it transforms infected, unhealthy timber into high quality, uniquely featured wood slabs and further into stunning pieces of luxury wooden furniture.

Solid Wood Table Tops with Resin Infusions Crafted to Order

Our earthy® bespoke solid wood table tops are manufactured using the highest quality kiln dried in house  English oak and walnut. The live edge wood slabs are kiln dried in house and handpicked to ensure the best suitability for your unique wooden table project.

The kiln dried wood planks for earthy® table projects originate from the same tree allowing them to be colour and feature compatible.

Natural Wood Tones, Uniquely Featured Dining Tables

Our waney edge timber table tops are treated with our signature resin infill which focuses  on the natural, rustic characteristics of the timber, and enhances them to introduce organic charm to your kitchen or living room.

Both our sister companies Earthy® Timber Custom Furniture  and Earthy® Timber  Luxury Furniture, offer a series of edging choices that  add unique character to your home. We also offer personalised counter top designs and amplification of rustic wood features upon request; however, this service is more expensive. For more details about our personalised and luxury wooden countertops and high end wooden dining tables please visit our sister site Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture.

The final live edge oak table from Earthy Timber was everything we hoped for and exceeded the options we had seen in retail shops and all other online suppliers. The grain includes the different elements found in oak grain. There is a large interesting knot filled with resin, where you can look in and see interesting shapes. The wavy edge makes the table different and connects you to the fact that this was a living structure.


– Ian, Verwood, Dorset

Modern Contemporary styled bespoke hand crafted river table with live edge


We hand-craft our natural, solid wood table tops using a series of edging choices that create a rustic yet stylish contemporary feel to your home or commercial space.

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


Our live edge wood table tops also known as waney edge or natural edge, are available in English oak and European wild walnut.  The wood planks for your live edge timber top are hand picked for optimum suitability for your project. Whether you have a rural or modern home, our live edge solid wood table tops are a perfect addition and will complement the space with their organic presence and grace.

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


Our solid wood table tops are available with a straight edge or square edge. Our straight edged natural wooden table tops are guaranteed to still keep our signature earthy® organic feel, yet maintains a contemporary look. We like to combine our straight edges with our resin infill technique. We focus in on the natural features of the timber such as cracks, knots,open grain and striations.



Our mixed edges are a delicately balanced combination of a modern square edges with an organic live edge. Our part live edges are perfect for those seeking something more modern but with a quirky characteristic, adding interest and natural beauty to your home. We may combine our mixed edges with our signature resin technique to create beautiful and unique details.

Beautiful resin infilled acrylic leg beautiful bespoke dining table


Here at Earthy® Timber, we use three different choices of finishing; waterproof finish, clear transparent lacquer or a water-based oil. Our finishing choices are carefully applied after a fine sanding process and are of the highest quality products. Our finishings come with different benefits that you may want to consider dependent on where your bespoke solid wood table is placed.

Natural Wood Table Top in Lacquer Finish

Our live edge oak table tops in lacquer finish are perfect for those who simply wish to maintain the original earthy® organic tones of the timber. Unlike oil rather than penetrate the layers of the timber, our low-VOC, water-based clear lacquer acts rather as a thick shield against damage and corrosion. Our clear lacquer is tough, durable and offers a full resistance to moisture damage, heat, staining and scratching and contains a non-yellowing feature and UV barrier.

The downside to lacquer is that rather because it acts more of a shield, it may wear down over time, and so does not give as much solid protection as oil does. However, this can be easily resolved by reapplying lacquer after thoroughly sanding. This is an effective method if damage was to occur. Further information about our lacquer finishing can be found over on our maintenance guide.

Natural Wood Table Top in Oil Finish

The greatest benefit that oil has over lacquer is its colour enhancing effect. Using our oil on walnut table top enables an amplification process of the radiant earthy® tones of wood to create deep rich browns and golds. Our high-quality oil finish is also incredibly durable and protects the live edge timber from alcohol, food acid, heat and water damage.

Our oil finishing also protects our natural wood tables in a different way from our lacquer. Unlike lacquer, the oil deeply penetrates the layers of the timber table top and creates several protective barriers throughout whilst maintaining an optimum moisture balance. Whilst we believe our oil finishing offers great protection we always believe you should take care when placing hot mugs, glasses, plates and bowls on your bespoke solid wood table. In case of damage, our oil finished products can be easily repaired by re-sanding and re-applying oil. This process should also be repeated on occasion to maintain optimum appearance and protection. For further information on maintenance, please read our maintenance guide.

Bespoke Solid Wood Oak Table Top handcrafted in Sussex UK


Our unique wood, bespoke table tops can be bought from our online store by clicking ‘Shop now’ below. If you wish to talk to us further or have any questions about our products, please contact us by using our Earthy® Timber contact form.