Beautiful earthy live edge or natural edge breakfast bar
Earthy live edge resin infilled beautiful oak breakfast bar
Rustic Solid Wood live edge Breakfast Bar
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Beautiful Earthy Breakfast Bars

Our beautiful and interesting breakfast bars are full of charm and charisma handcrafted to suit you and your environment.

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Beautiful Earthy
Breakfast Bars

Our beautiful and interesting breakfast bars are full of charm and charisma handcrafted to suit you and your environment.

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Beautiful Earthy
Breakfast Bars

Our beautiful and interesting breakfast bars are full of charm and charisma handcrafted to suit you and your environment.

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Natural, Live Edge Wood for Breakfast Bar

Our solid wood live edge wood for breakfast bar tops in oak, walnut, ash or other interesting hardwood species is full of earthly charm and charisma, should you wish to handcraft the breakfast bar yourself we will cut the timber to your requested size.


Finished, Custom Waney Edge Breakfast Bar Tops

Our solid oak and walnut breakfast bar tops  are hand-crafted to order to add a radiant warmth to your kitchen or dining space.

Using our signature clear resin infill technique, we emphasize the natural quirks of the timber such as the knots, earthy grains and markings. Our bespoke wooden breakfast bars are kiln dried and handcrafted in house ensuring  finest quality of our pieces

Our oak breakfast bar tops and walnut breakfast bar tops  are available to order as cut to size kiln dried timber or completely finished custom bar tops from our Custom Breakfast Bar Store

Rustic Wood Breakfast Bar Details

We pay great attention to detail and focus on the organic and earthy® touches that make our wooden breakfast bar tops exceptional. With live edge kitchen bar tops we  follow the natural shape of the tree to achieve organic soft lines of the outer edges.

Luxury Home Bar Tops

Luxury breakfast bar tops designed by A S Stawicki are avaialble to order from our sister company Earthy Timber Luxury Furniture,

We received an outstanding service from Earthy Timber after ordering a bespoke breakfast bar for our newly renovated property. The stunning English Walnut breakfast bar is a real feature with its warm individual character, depth of grain and smooth oiled finish complementing our contemporary kitchen beautifully.
The friendly professional couple who run this business have an obvious passion for the products they create, were attentive and quick to respond to our enquiries.

We will definitely be using their service again.
Niki Maggs.


Waney Edge grainy breakfast bar slab
Interesting resin filled square edged breakfast bar in rustic oak


Natural wood breakfast bar tops from Earthy® Timber

All of our beautiful earthy® wood breakfast bar tops, live edge bar tops, waney edge tables, natural organic styled kitchen islands, resin infilled bathroom sink tops, window sills and shelves are manufactured using the most interesting wood responsibly sourced from English and European woodlands  and estates.

Earthy® Timber is a 0 waste luxury furniture brand.

The know how and advanced gentle drying technology allows us to work with disregarded trees that we turn into healthy, most beautiful and interestingly detailed wood planks and furthter into high end solid wood furniture.

Wood slab bar or joined planks

With our rustic earthy® breakfast bars, we can create your desired project with a single plank. However, dependant on budget and size, multiple adjoining planks jointed together in harmony may be an option. Using multiple planks instead of a single slab is also a less expensive option when on a tighter budget.

Artistic live edge wood bar tops

Luxurious breakfast bar counter tops, statement kitchen island tops or tables designed by AS Stawicki Art are available from our sister company Earthy® Timber Luxury

Live Edge or Natural Edge Breakfast bar slab


What finish for natural wood live edge bar tops

To maintain an optimum appearance and condition of your beautiful, natural wood breakfast bar, we recommend a blend of high-quality fragrant oils or clear lacquer. Both these options are ideal for surfaces requiring a hard-wearing and water-resistant finish. The protective layer that these finishes provide is also heat, alcohol and food acid resistant. For further instruction on installation and maintenance of your earthy breakfast bar, please look at our maintenance guide.

Natural Wood Breakfast Bar in Matt Lacquer Finish

For our breakfast bars, like many kitchen or bathroom surfaces where moisture is a concern, a lacquer finish is very ideal in this instance. Not only is a lacquer finish worthwhile and cost effective, it is incredibly tough, resistant and requires very little maintenance. This form of protection guarantees (unless used excessively) to last for the long term.

An exceptional benefit to using lacquer rather than oil, is that it nurtures the original earthy organic tones of our English oak and walnut hardwood timber, whilst providing a transparent smooth protective layer. Our water based, low VOC clear lacquer offers high aversion to staining and scratches and offers UV protection and a ‘non-yellowing’ effect.

Oak, Walnut Breakfast Bar in Oil Finish

Our oil finish is most noted for its colour and grain enhancing effect. Using our high-quality oil finish promises amplification of the earthy, organic tones and grains of your beautiful breakfast bar, to add warmth to your kitchen or dining room. This enhancing effect is what differentiates our oil finish from our lacquer finish, it also deeply laces the layers of the timber which creates several layers of protection.

Whether your breakfast bar has a live edge, waney edge, straight square edge or a mixed edge, our oils provide the perfect protection that are water resistant, heat resistant, alcohol resistant and food acid resistant. Despite this we do always recommend you take care when using hot plates, mugs and glasses on our interesting and beautiful breakfast bars. Our oil finished surfaces are still very easy to repair with another coating of oil and will still need a re-oiling once the top layer begins to fade. For further information about maintenance of our oil finished surfaces, please read our maintenance guide.

Beautiful rich organic earthy tones in live edge oak breakfast bar


We offer a series of edging choices to create quirky character to match the surroundings of the desired environment.

Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops Live Edge


A live Edge/ natural edge/ waney edge breakfast bar adds a organic, rustic effect effect to your home whether you have a modern, contemporary home or a rustic cottage style home. Our live edges highly encapsulate the natural beauty and features of our rustic English oak and organic wild walnut and the follow the natural shape and form of the tree.

Straight Edge Beautiful Solid Wood Worktops


Our straight or square edges are suitable for those seeking a more contemporary modern approach but still in keeping elements of pure nature. Whether it be using our wild walnut surfaces or our rustic English oak we can promise our straight edged breakfast bars will add a rustic traditional look to your home. 



For those seeking somewhere in between; a modern contemporary design with the additional quirks of the beautiful and interesting live effect, a mixed edge might be for you. Our earthy mixed edge style is suitable for homes of any design and build. 

Live Edge or Waney Edge Natural Organic style Breakfast bar detail


Live edge wood slab bar tops

We also create personalised interesting breakfast bar designs from our unique one off wooden slabs with selected features upon request. Please keep in mind this is available for an extra cost. We also supply additional services for our interesting wooden surfaces such as a combination or one of the following:

– Overhangs
– Rounded Corners
– Matching Window Sills
– Matching Benches
– Matching Feature Shelves
– Customised embedded in timber supporting plates for an elegant solution. These are important if you intend to have an overhang.

Pricing and further details for these can be found at our Earthy Timber Online Store or by clicking the ‘Shop Now’ Button below.

earthy grain effect on rustic oak resin filled breakfast bar


Live edge breakfast bar top ‘s  price

For pricing on our solid wood live edge or square edge kitchen breakfast bars and complimenting oak and walnut products and features, please refer to our Online Shop which can be found by clicking the ‘Shop Now’ button below.

Visits to Earthy® Timber

Strictly by invitation.  We are more than able to accommodate you if you wish to visit us. Please use our contact form by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button below and we can arrange an appointment closest to your desired time and date.