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Tree Valuation Service
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Valuation Service

In case your tree cannot be saved, we offer a specialised tree surveying & grading & valuation service to qualify your timber’s suitability for further processing with a view to adding value for furniture making.


Ecological conservation

Like humans, as the tree ages, they can get diseases. Forestry and tree management helps to keep the woodlands and natural habitat healthy.

With our extensive expertise in forestry, wood grading, wood drying & producing exquisite pieces of furniture under one roof, we can help you to make an economically viable choice.

Vacuum kiln drying of your timber

Even diseased trees could be used for crafting high end pieces of wood furniture following our specialised process of vacuum kiln drying. This highly advanced, patented technology process destroys any timber infections, which otherwise could not be cured in conventional kilns.

Please note we only offer vacuum kiln drying service as a part of the manufacturing process. This is not available as a separate service.

Cost of the tree survey and valuation

The cost of the survey is minimum £180+vat plus cost of travel.

Your options following the tree survey

There are three options you could consider following the survey result:

Option 1 – To preserve your special memories of your much loved tree you could commission with us a piece of earthy modern wooden furniture of your choice. With our expertise we will vacuum kiln dry, design and handcraft a unique piece of furniture for you and your family to treasure

Option 2 – We may be interested to purchase the wood from you

Option 3 – You may consider selling your timber commercially

Mandatory permissions for tree felling

You will need to make sure you have all valid permissions from the relevant authorities to cut down your tree. We will not be able to work with your timber unless you can present the valid documents.