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The Journey from your tree to the
live edge table
under one roof

Bespoke Live Edge Solid Wood Tables, Worktops, Live Edge Breakfast Bars, Live Edge Table Tops, Live Edge Desks & Live Edge Wood Slabs

From tree to live edge table under one roof

Welcome to Earthy® Timber,  family run, multi-award winning, zero waste luxury furniture brand in full control of all operations from tree to live edge wooden table under one roof.

From diseased tree to luxury wooden furniture

At Earthy® Timber we source the diseased trees directly from English and European woodlands, National Trust  and private estates. Using our unique, developed in house,  wood processing and drying technology we upgrade unsound trees to healthy, stunning, uniquely featured live edge wood slabs, that are ideal for resin applications.

We keep large stock of beautiful, high quality waney edge timber slabs, full of interesting earthy® ‘imperfections’,  that are ideal for luxury wooden dining tables, live edge wood breakfast bar tops or solid wood kitchen island worktop.

Our high end live edge oak and walnut desks inspire writers, film and music producers.

Our in-house wood yard is full of unique waney edge trees that died on natural causes or had to be cut for safety reasons. We take our time to meticulously dry the wood and strengthen its technical properties ensuring your commissioned wooden dining table or live edge conference table will last for generations to come.

No healthy tree is harmed in making your dream piece of furniture. 

High end wooden furniture brand from tree to table based in the UK

Our furniture company is based in Sussex, UK and we design and make beautiful waney edge tables, natural and earthy® live edge wooden worktops, natural wood breakfast bar tops, live edge timber kitchen island counter tops and natural wood edge bathroom shelves for any residential, commercial, hospitality or heritage projects.

High end wooden furniture from timber experts

We are timber experts, with over 35 years of experience working within the Forestry industry, specialising in the properties of wood from timber grading through extensive knowledge of wood drying.

Earthy® Timber ‘s  advanced, unique crafting & finishing techniques optimise longevity, durability as well as exposing and preserving natural beauty of wood.

Please visit our sister companies for more information about our high quality timber and finished pieces of wooden counter tops and solid wood conference and dining tables: