Beautiful, Grainy English Walnut Kiln Dried in House

English Walnut, The Most Beautiful Wood

By Earthy ® Timber 12|02|2018

Bespoke solid walnut modern contemporary table

Grainy Walnut Wood of British and European Origin

We love English grainy walnut, it is one of the most precious and most remarkable of timbers. It cuts and planes exceptionally well, soft & silky with dark mineral lines and finish that glows.

Earthy® and Dark Walnut Wood

Walnut is one of the darkest native hardwoods growing in Europe, with rich toffee & chocolate figured wood, full of beautiful natural features. The stresses that occur in the life of the tree causing beautiful figuring and unusual markings are often the same stresses and strains that cause cracks, knots, splits and shakes.

Walnut Tables and Worktops with Resin Features

We enhance walnut  scars with carefully prepared by our engineer resins and liquid metals to create the most unusual walnut counter tops such as walnut tables, breakfast bars and statement kitchen island worktops.

Earthy® Timber ‘s  Luxury Walnut Tables and Matching Furniture

We also use English walnut timber for quirky furniture such as walnut desks, conference tables, benches or as a sensual accent wall. Our precisely kiln dried walnut slabs are also used for gun stocks. The dark colouring, deep lustre and smokey pattern of the walnut wood is treasured in the most impressive applications.

About English Walnut Trees

English walnut trees, grow to the maximum height around 3.5m, but may be around 800-900mm in diameter – we cut them into live edge slabs 40mm, 60mm and 80mm thickness and from the rest we get decent width walnut planks which are either used for manufacturing full stave and wide stave walnut worktops or we sell them by boards to the professionals, artists and best furniture makers in the UK and worldwide.

Waney Edge Walnut Slabs Kiln Dried in House

All our waney edge walnut timber slabs are air dried for a long period of time, followed by a precise timber vacuum kiln drying process, to achieve the desired walnut wood stability and 8% moisture content.

The Price of English Walnut Slabs

The price of English and European walnut slabs starts from – please visit our  Earthy® Timber Custom Shop

English walnut kiln dried - Earthy Timber

Cheap Walnut Grade

Low quality, cheap walnut is available on the market mainly in the form of panels and worktops which undergone the process of steaming. This procedure takes some of the dark chocolate walnut colouration from the heart of the tree and is absorbed by the sapwood to turn what is a less valuable sap into an imitation of precious heartwood.

Unfortunately, this process takes away the natural smokiness of English walnut changing the colour scheme into a red palette.

American Walnut Timber

American walnut on the other hand, is very different species, growing much taller, in excess of 4 metre in height. The American walnut timber is widely available in varying thicknesses. The problem with American walnut in general, is lower density, making it relatively soft and easily marked timber counter tops. It is suitable for making doors and cabinets but not really good for walnut tables, worktops or floor boards unless it is going to be treated with a great care.

American walnut arrives in container loads of kiln dried timber, sawn with two straight edges; rush dried and randomly mixed, so you would have to be very fortunate to find two walnut boards that came from the same tree.

The American walnut wood is light brown to dark chocolate colour with creamy coloured sapwood. The slightly open grain is typically straight.


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