Live Edge Walnut Dining Table | Case Study


Unique luxury hand-crafted wild walnut dining table with live edging

State of the art, dark and grainy solid wood walnut table handcrafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex, UK. The live edge walnut slabs for the project were obtained from the same tree, that died of fungus and woodworm infestation.

At Earthy® Timber we are zero waste luxury furniture brand and  specialise in transforming the infected, diseased trees into high quality timber and further stunning pieces of luxury, timeless furniture.

Using our in-depth knowledge and in-house technology, the technical properties of the walnut planks were elaborated and timber further vacuum kiln dried to below 10% moisture content using our on-site vacuum kiln.

Our developed in house advanced technology and  wood drying processes allow us to produce extremely stable and resistant to damage timber from the most challenging but at the same time most beautiful salvaged trees.

The live edge walnut dining table top ‘s beautiful ‘imperfections’ such as cavities, knots and voids were filled with resins, creating stunning features.

The walnut table top was further treated with our signature impenetrable waterproof finish for maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

The final finishing touches with fragrant blend of finishing oils intensifies the diverse colour palette of English walnut to enhance the stunning natural grain patterns and striations.

At Earthy® Timber we combine classic furniture design with raw allure and latest technology to craft one of a kind solid wood, organic and contemporary dining and conference tables.

Luxury wooden tables, bespoke in every respect, unique in every detail.

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Resin Infilled bespoke solid walnut wooden dining table with beautiful enhanced grain


  • Signature resin infill technique – to enhance the natural grains and imperfections of the live edge walnut table top’s such as the knots, cracks, voids and striations.

  • Solid Wood Table Top’s Construction: English walnut slabs vacuum kiln dried in house (3 wide stave, character planks joined with subtle river effect).

  • Vacuum kiln dried in-house at a 10% moisture level to ensure the earthy® walnut dining table lasts for generations to come

  • Rustic, yet modern live edge walnut dining table with resin enhancements over earthy® beautiful imperfections

Beautiful live waney edged Resin infilled solid wood walnut dining table


  • The walnut table’s base: hand-crafted to order, hand-calibrated, X-shaped steel legs.

  • Budget: Prices for Earthy® Timber ‘s walnut tables starting from – please visit our online shop

  • Live edge walnut table finished using our high quality blend of fragrant oils to enhance and protect.

Beautiful waney edged wild walnut dining table